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ANNE-SOPHIE (writer-director) is an award-winning filmmaker living in the Los Angeles area. She has directed 6 feature films and has received international media coverage in the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times (London), National Post (Canada) and numerous other newspapers, Websites and television networks. She completed her first feature film — Faded Memories — at age 16 that had a limited theatrical release in North America. She is in the process of publishing her first novel, Seaway, while setting up her next project — a horror/psychological thriller set in the medical world. She is the youngest filmmaker to have her first screenplay displayed in the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Margaret Herrick library.

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BALLET BLANC - my new movie

Set in a remote town in the Northern Western U.S., a young boy who has a passion for ballet, appears out of nowhere. After being discovered in a church choir, he’s eventually adopted by a peculiar and frightening lonely local woman who has dark ambitions for him. She seems to be his master, but is she, really? The county eventually sends a social worker to investigate a particularly gruesome incident involving the boy. But this endearing youngster has a mind of his own, exerting his power and will over everyone. His frightening grand plan eventually comes into play, as he’s not who he appears to be, or is it our perception of him? Behind his innocent smile lies a gruesome secret that may change the world.

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BALLET BLANC - my new movie


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